Internet Security Threat Training

Anyone who uses the internet will eventually come across:

  • attempts to place malware on your computer or device.
  • attempts to compromise their identity.
  • and attempts to steal account information.
Security Threat Training
Security threat training teaches you to identify threats BEFORE becoming a victim.

Unfortunately this problem continues to worsen rather than get better simply because the cost to launch these attacks is extremely low. Technical solutions have limited ability to protect you because most threats must exist in the wild before technology can be taught to identify them. The threat window becomes quite wide when users do not consistently keep their computers or devices up-to-date.

This seminar teaches you how to identify these threats as they approach or even as you proceed down the path of compromise. When you can identify a threat you can successfully protect yourself and avoid the time consuming and costly affects of a security compromise.

The seminar is geared towards non-technical users with little knowledge of how the internet works.

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