Azure Recovery Services Vault Backup with Windows SBS 2011

Technically, Microsoft does not support Windows Small Business Server 2011 when it comes to backup using Azure recovery services vault. There are certainly some caveats to a successful setup but for us, all of them were acceptable to have this simple backup strategy. There are PowerShell Cmdlets for Azure online backup that you can mix and match to create a PowerShell script for the Azure Recovery Services Agent that get it to run successfully from a scheduled task.

Monitoring Exchange 2003 IMF and RDNS Black Lists with WMI

Normally it isn’t easy to get SPAM stats out of Exchange 2003 for the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF). You know it is working but really have no idea what amount of email it is stopping from delivery. WMI to the rescue! There is an object “Win32_PerfFormattedData_MSExchangeUCF_MSExchangeIntelligentMessageFilter” in the \root\cimv2 space that has a great list …